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Have a digital goods shop scripts in wich make an account as a seller developer Can sell any users with make a own shop and include reffer system and order to make a any sites and scripts smooth looks and two themes and include list veiw and gridwiew system and have coupon code system to give any freinds to downloads a free scripts  


  • any users can build own shop
  • Get orders to make scripts / websites
  • Reffer systems per downloads
  • Two themes look owsoms
  • Grid veiw and list veiw 
  • Add to cart syatem with ajax smooth cool
  • Sites Exchanges banners ads (linkslotes)
  • 10 different typea of ​​notifications can set any te
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Much security and encryption includes every wheres
  • Payeer and perfect money payments getaway
  • Admin panel panel have much features every things controled AZ
  • ban users * withdrawals controls * scripts uploads controlls * payments controls * reffers and every users uploads scripts controls and much features when used can feel happy 

Languages ​​::

Php, html, css, js, ajax, jquery, react js, node.js

New in market for  :: 2022


any problems feel free for contacts (maarkhoor5@gmail.com)



1. ⇩ Maarkhoor   ⌚ 22.12.2021 13:16

If like then reveiw Feel free to contact if any problems

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